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can bad colds affect your ovulation and delay period

I usually didn't count how long are my cycles until i got sexually active.
My previous cycles were like this as far as i can remember.

May 6- June 11 (36 days)
June 11-July 18 (37 days, btw i stressed this month because i tought i was pregnant)
June 17- August 12 ( 25 days, i took emergency contraceptive this month and it came earlier around 10 days i guess)
August 12-September 17 (36 days)
September 17- Today is 35th day of my cycle and i still didn't get my period. I got PMS like symptoms mild breast and stomach pain for 10-11 days now. I had unrpotected sex( no ejeculation) around my time of ovulation i guess but i don't know how long my cycles are so i dont know when i ovulate. But i had a really bad cold around 14-15th day of my cycle which lasted a good 7 days even more and i heard its possible that a cold can affect your ovulation and delay it so the bleeding is delayed too. Is that true? Could i be pregnant?
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replied October 23rd, 2017
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If you have sex without condoms or birth control, there is always a possibility that you can get pregnant.

A cold by itself will not cause a delay, but stress and worry will. The Plan B might also have changed your cycles.
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