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Can Back massager vibrations cause harm to the fetus?

I am 26 weeks pregnant. My doctor says that everything looks perfect so far. I have had some lower back pain so I started using a back massager to alleviate some of the pain. The vibrations are pretty strong and I am worried that they have harmed the fetus. Also, I used the back massager for a brief moment on the lower part of my abdomen (vaginal area) just to see what it would feel like... I am now regretting this as I may have compromised what was up until now a perfect pregnancy. Can someone please tell me if I have done any harm to the baby or if I am just being paranoid? Thank you. -Julie H
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replied March 6th, 2013
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You are just paranoid. Your baby is well protected and well insulated in your uterus and your muscles absorbed most of the vibrations.

Unless your doctor told you not to have an orgasm, it is ok to enjoy it. A happy and relaxed mother will make baby happy and relaxed. Keep the massager outside your vagina. Your genitals should be very sensitive due to the pregnancy, so use only light pressure. Your fingers may be much better to release your sexual tension.

Best of luck!
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