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Can athletes foot - fungs spread to genitals and ears?

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Hello, I have had fungus on my feet for a very long time but has gotten worst this summer. My doctor finally diagnosed me 2 weeks ago with athletes foot & prescribed me LamISIL Terbinafine Hydrochloride cream 1% to use morning & night. When I asked him if fungus could spread to my genitals and ears, his answer was . Then he added that it was late in the day & he was tired. He did not answer any more questions.

I have hearing aids & my ears are always itchy on the outside. On Oct. 22/12, my ears started being itchy to the point that it was unbearable so I went to the doctor. He said I had a weird ear infection which he could not understand so he prescribed me with Garasone Ophthalmic/otic Sol. I had to put 2 drops each ear 3 times/day for at least 10 days then when needed.

He's known about my feet for the longest time, he once told me that even my finger nails were infected. My toe nails are kinda yellowish color. When I went to him for my athletes foot, I asked him to check my ears since I had an infection not too long ago. He checked my ears & said it was awfully dry & not quite cured yet & that he can't understand why it's like that but did not prescribe anything for it. My ears are still itchy.

That is when I asked him if my athletes foot-fungus could have spreaded to my genitals & to my ears. The answer was feet are feet. Guess he meant . But I'm not so sure.

As for my genitals, I have a constant itch that goes from my anus & cheeks to the vagina. I do not have vaginal discharge. The itch is not inside the vagina just at the entrance plus I have vaginal dryness which makes it hard for me to have sexual intercourse cause the penetration hurts so bad. My genitals hurts, itch & burns.
I could be mistaken, but to me these itches are all related. My doctor blamed my genitals' itch & burn on herpes. I do not believe that because I have been with the same man for 2 1/2 years now & he is not showing anything & I never had that before.

I have fungus practically all over my body as far as I am concerned. I am afraid my doctor don't seem to care much. Again it is proven that I am still just a number like many of us patients.

I am hoping that someone on this site...a doctor on this site can help me with this fungus and itch problems.

Thank you very much for all of your help. It would be nice if I could get a lot of different opinions from you as I am so desperate & looking forward to clearing this problem so I can get back to living a normal life my this wonderful man I have found. He is patient but I sure don't want to push it.

Thank you
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