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Can Aspergers Develop to Autism?

I'm 26 and I just realized I have Aspergers. I didn't know what Aspergers was unti I did a survey (I take at least 7 different surveys online daily).After doing a little research,I realized that I have all the traits of Aspergers and to make matters worse am an Introvert!I'm worried.Can it develop to Autism if I have Children?

I'd really like to know
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First Helper SeriouslySore

replied March 16th, 2014
You can not determine if you have aspergers via an online test,(my partner has it and i work with an animal theraphy program in a school which holds many people with disorders)And aspergers is a FORM on austism. I might be only 24 but clearly your skills in research are lacking. Austism is measured on a spectrum, aspergers is a lessor form of austism being it affects the behaviour of people but not the physical tracts i.e looks of people. Please seek help in seeing if you are a person who has aspergers by going to medical professionsal ( also just so its clear Albert einstein has aspergers!) austism doesn't mean someone is broken in anyway it just makes them different.
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replied March 17th, 2014
Thanks for your reply and don't think that I rushed to conclusions Smile
Ever since I learnt about aspergers,I've been doing a lot of research on it.Again don't think that I rush to conclusions but I noticed that I have more than 80% of the physical traits.
Thanks for your help.
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