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Can antipsychotics be prescribed to parents to give to adult son

I am over 18, and I rejected taking antipsychotics after having psychosis for two months. My parents are really messed up and they drove me crazy first and now want to give me antipsychotics because they think they have the right to own/ruin my life. They lied to the psychiatrist and told him that I am violent and so on. In fact, I am rarely ever angry.

Can they get antipsychotics prescribed for me by the psychiatrist and inject me with them (E.g. risperidal consta)? I have been finding blood marks on my shirt and buttocks area and been experiencing same symptoms which I experienced while on antipsychotics.

I live in Canada btw.
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replied March 24th, 2014
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No I don't think they have that right. Generally it would be considered a criminal assault for a person to administer any drugs in any form to another adult person without the express permission of that person in the UK. I don't think any other legal system is likely to take a different view.

The only possible defence for such an assault would be your parents acted as they did without premeditation because it was an emergency situation and they did it from self-defence or to prevent you harming your self or a third party.
Considering the information you provide that could not apply in your case.

If you had been sectioned or certified as being a danger to yourself or anyone else, incapable of looking after yourself or incapable of making rational decisions about your own welfare then your parents could perhaps have been nominated as your carers, your authorised representatives or responsible adults. In the UK it would need two doctors to section you and unless you lived in a remote rural area it would be most unlikely your parents would be nominated in the first instance and then only after much deliberation and possibly the sanction of a court. In such a case they wouldn't be encouraged or allowed to administer injections unless they had been proved competent and there was or is a proven medical need for them to do so.

Again, I don't think other systems would differ much because it would provide too much opportunity for dishonesty to flourish if there were fewer precautions.

I feel the psychiatrist is guilty of professional misconduct for prescribing a drug without examining you first.

What you choose to do about the situation is entirely your decision. I think you should take the situation seriously; dangerous drugs can be even more dangerous in unskilled and probably very nervous hands.

The purpose of the modern mental healthcare system is to provide whatever treatment and support it can to aid you to live as normally and as productively as possible while managing whatever condition you suffer from. This will include helping you avoid triggers and to develop coping mechanisms to help you deal with the real world as it really is and this could include some initially quite high doses of medication that will over time be fine-tuned to meet your needs.

It would probably be ideal if you could get away from your parents' influence.

My brother-in-law had attacks of something similar to epilepsy while living with his parents. He went away to school and didn't have any attacks and when he returned home the attacks began again. He eventually left home for good and he had a driving licence in just over two years because he hadn't had a single attack in that time and was completely free of medication.

Good luck!
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