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Can a spleen cyst shrink by itself?

I have discovered 3 weeks ago that there is a large cyst on my spleen (11 cm in diameter). It's been causing pain in my shoulder and side, especially lying down, for 3 or 4 weeks now.
The doctor (gastro) I saw at the hospital told me Icould either leave it alone, or if the pain didn't go away, go for a splenectomy.
I need to get rid of the pain and fatigue one way or another, but a splenectomy is very final.
Does anyone have experience of a cyst shrinking by itself, or symptoms receding after some time?
It looks like the cyst has been here a long time (calcified), so I'm not sure why it's suddenly painful, or if there's any chance the pain will disappear.
Also I read about the possibility of partial splenectomy, did anyone experience that?
The possible consequences of splenectomy sound pretty scary, and the doctor is basically telling me it's up to me to decide. He's right of course, but I have a feeling he doesn't want to take any responsibility by giving any advice...
Thanks for any advice or experience.
I'll come back to share mine once I have more info.
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replied March 30th, 2017
Hello, I have the same problem. Slightly smaller cyst and calcified like yours. Mine was discovered because of a back injury. I found two articles detailing cases of shrinking spleen cysts. ive/2014/005-2014-ijcri/CR-10382-05-2014-s hah/ijcri-1038205201482-shah-full-text.php PMC2827097/
Partial splenectomy depends on where the cyst is located. In the middle is bad because that is where the blood supply is. The late Dr Leon Morgenstern was a pioneer of the partial splenectomy in the US. His article- Love in the Time of Spleen: A Personal Memoir, is a good start to understand you situation. He wrote many other articles also.
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