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Can a hormonal imbalance be mistaken for bipolar II?

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Recently after a few stressful life events happened I sought help from a psychiatrist for possible depression.
He asked me questions about my moods & symptoms. I do notice that my moods have a very predictable monthly pattern. I have a "happy" week where I am focused, have ideas & create things, put away all the kids laundry, have no problems with work, feel like having sex, etc.
Then, about a week later (after ovulation) I will start going down, it will be harder to work, things people say make me sensitive, my kids will get on my nerves, I can't concentrate & start having frequent "dishes in the trashcan & the trash in the sink" moments. This will last for a few weeks & will come to a peak where I am so agitated I feel like hurting myself & I start yelling at the kids & storm to my room.
The next day, I will start my period & after a few days I am back up there to my happy week.
My Doctor insisted that I have bipolar II rapid cycling, but I don't understand why it seems to go exactly with my period cycle. I am on depakote & tricyclic antidepressants to balance my moods but all I feel is sleepy. I told my doctor I can sleep for 15 hours a night if no one wakes me up & he gave me a stimulant that they give to people with ADHD. This drug makes me feel wired.

I am not trying to be in denial if I do have BD II but I don't want to be taking drugs unnecessarily especially since all the drugs I am taking are metabolized by my liver...
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