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Calcium deposits on finger

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I pricked my middle finger approx 2 years ago of which I needed antibiotics etc, since then a growth has appeared on my finger, having been to the doctors and had an xray on it they have informed me that it is just a calcium growth. It was a small dot at first now its the size of a five pence piece, my finger looks abnormal and it is very painful, stiff and swollen. I am worried scared and unsure as to what to do. Not sure if this will get bigger of which I may loose my finger.
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replied September 28th, 2012
My wife is suffering from Raynaud's disease as well as scleroderma. There is deposit of calcium deposit in right fore finger as observed from X-ray. Due to which the finger has become hard and is not bend causing severe pain. Is there possibility to remove calcium from this finger. If so what is the procedure.
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replied September 29th, 2012
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Unfortunately, calcifications within the soft tissues are a frequent problem in patients with scleroderma.

But, the calcium deposits are usually not well demarcated or encapsulated. The calcification tends to be dispersed throughout the tissue fibers. As such it is difficult to surgically remove these calcium deposits.

Also, surgery on the fingers is very dangerous in scleroderma patients, due to the poor blood supply and thickened skin tissues.

However, your wife should be seen by a hand surgeon for a thorough evaluation. You never know which patients may be able to undergo a surgical procedure until he/she is evaluated.

Good luck.
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