My father is affected by CALCIFIC AORTIC STENOSIS. This was exposed by the echo test . CALCIFIED AORTIC CUSPS, WITH RESTRICTED OPENING ANNULUS SIZE 1.5CMS. Doctors suggest to go for bypass surgery as this is serious. I like to know any alternative ways to solve this without bypass surgery. (ie: baloon dilated angioplasty). Anyone help me in providing good suggestion ? May god bless everyone in this world for safer life...
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replied July 25th, 2008
Bypass surgery is used for treating the coronary heart disease not aortal stenosis.

Did doctors performed coronarography to evaluate the blood circulation in the coronary arteries (arteries that supply the heart muscle)?

Are the coronary arteries also affected so that doctors requested bypass?

In adults, aortic stenosis usually requires aortic valve replacement if medical management does not successfully control symptoms. For infants and children, balloon valvuloplasty, where a balloon is inflated to stretch the valve and allow greater flow, may also be effective.
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