I arrived at this site looking for information on living with EBV. My doctor told me today that I have EBV and that it is deactivated. I am a teacher, 16 years in profession and I still catch every illness that comes into my classroom. I have had constant migraine headaches for 14 months. Went through a battery of autoimmune testing and everything was negative with the exception of EBV and the lowest Vitamin D and B12 she has seen.

Sore throat and swollen glands I chalked up to hay fever as they weren't that bad. The worst thing is the absolute fatigue.
I was told that I am to rest for the next month and drink plenty of fluids. I live in AZ and right now our temp is running triple digits. I was told this is not good for me now.

I like to know as much information about anything that might be causing all of my complaints. The websites are, as stated earlier, very scant on info, or bleak! Would someone send me in a direction that will lead me to a positive program of home treatment?
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