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Cabbage and Red Peppers - Rich Sources of Vitamin C

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The need for regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain health constantly pointed out by experts in nutrition, but if he did not pay attention to the form in which they consume, but it is important.Red peppers and cabbage for example, can be eaten both raw and undergone heat treatment. And here is how are most useful...

Red peppers

These vegetables contain large amounts of vitamin C. It is nearly two times more compared to the am It is important to know that this vitamin is unstable at high temperatures, which means that cooking peppers can reduce the amount in them. Snacks, which includes raw red peppers, can be a great way to increase levels of valuable antioxidant.


Cabbage is most beneficial when consumed cooked, it is important not to remove the outermost and most dark leaves because there Vitamin C greatest. In vegetables they can find more useful beta-carotene and lutein yellow kartenoid.The regular intake of lutein is associated with decreased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. A serving of cabbage - about 95 g, provides 56 mg of calcium, which is vital for the health of bones and teeth. Specifically, the required daily amount of calcium is 800 mg.

In the cabbage can be found more and Isothiocyanate - compounds containing sulfur, which according to research can be useful in the prevention of cancer.
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