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Hello. I am a 45 yr. old woman and a complete mess. Several yrs. ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I cope with on a daily basis. 3 yrs. ago, due to neck and shoulder pain, accompanied by headaches (base of skull, radiating up and through to my eyebrows), an MRI showed bulging C-4 and C-5 discs, Arthritis and Tendonitis in my left shoulder. A car accident on my 20th birthday produced what was refered to as a 'Modified Whiplash'. About 3 mo. ago, the pain in my shoulder and neck went from bad to excruciating. Sharp pains in/around the Rotator Cuff, and bad aches radiating through my collarbone, below shoulderblade and down my arm to wrist. I can no longer lift my arm. Any backward movement of my arm, such as pulling up/down my pants to use the bathroom for example, is instantly agonizing. The headaches have gotten worse also, with slight swelling of my neck muscles. I have been getting injections in my shoulder every couple mo. for about a yr. but have stopped because they no longer seem to provide any relief. I am on Celebrex and Oxycodone which help with the daily joint pain elsewhere. I also have a bad disc in my back and the daily stresses of the Fibromyalgia pale in comparison! My Dr. sugested ice packs, but because of heightened skin sensitivity I cannot tolerate cold. I feel like such a baby. I cry on a daily basis and am extremely depressed. I cannot even enjoy my beautiful Grandchildren, I can't pick them up and must be extremely careful of any jarring of my arm. Is it possible that one of the discs in my neck has ruptured? I know several people that have had surgery for ruptured discs and it did no good. I cannot see anyone else or have another MRI or any other tests until my Medicare kicks in, which will be a few more mo. I am on Disability and cannot afford any out-of-pocket medical expenses. Please, can anyone help? Advice, anything?! Thank you for your time.
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