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BV or CV... Vaginosis! ? or something else?

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Seriously to be honest, what ever is wrong with me I think I may have had it for a long ass time even before I engaged in sex. But I just realized last year that it may be a problem, I have a white not to lumpy discharge, I feel as the fluids are more than normal (I think it was always like that), It taste sour like a lemon besides the good part of it of course!!, and a slight odour(doesn't exactly smell like fish to what I think), the burning/pain is very rare and when it does occur it's not bad at all. I only had sex with 3 people in my life.

I've been searching it up and I feel as CV fits the closest to the things I experience. So not to long ago I tried the baking soda and water douche before I went to my boyfriends for the night (of almost a year) This got away the discharge for the day, the sex that night was better as in my fluids weren't overly crazy where he would slip out. Most times there would be a slight burning after sex where my vag was just chilling all wet due to my fluids (tmi?) Any ways this time I didn't even notice slight burning. The baking soda douche worked well and didn't give me anything extra to worry about.

But I know I wont be for sure what it is unless I get checked out, and today My friend mentioned his girlfriend found out she has BV, So I looked it up, and it sounds similar to CV besides BV is to much bad bacteria and CV is to much of the other not to bad bacteria... D: But if I have BV wouldn't the baking soda douche have done bad instead of good Neutral

So I'm not sure if I should get checked, or keep diagnosing my self with CV (apparently people with CV are shown up as clean when they get checked)
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