Im 20 but I feel 40.

Im on an apprenticeship which pays me 93.80 a week which normally leaves me with 15 for the week, my partner has hardly no money coming in either.

I had 2 abortions in less than a year and when me and my partner row that comes in and he says u cant feel like that for the rest of your life.

I cant seem to get my driving passed and im in a underpaid job.

I feel like a failure!!

I rang my boyfriend today finally got hold of him he didn't ask if I was ok or anything and within a minute he said im going for some dinner.

please help I am going insane! Crying or Very sad
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replied October 15th, 2013
You will be fine, there is never enough time, never enough money...so focus on a successful internship to solidify the future...what is the internship for?

If u fail any test just retake it until you pass ..my ex took her driving test six times and got her license when she was 32...my mom was 40 and I was 22...so somethings come in time...you are so young still even though you dont feel like uou are...try not to waste your youth worrying...ease up, dont be so hard on yourself...
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