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Bursitis of the hips

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I have had bursitis of the hips for 2 years. I have been to my family doctor, been referred to a back doctor, add MRI and x-rays. In the beginning I was having sharp pain when I would lie down to go to sleep when I would sleep on my side. I would flip flop like a fish all night long because of pain in my hips. I went to the doctor and they referred me for MRI and X-rays. I was sent to physical therapy and then the therapist said he helped me all that he could that I would need steroid injections. I have gotten 3 injections 3 months a part and I still have stiffness in my joints and have trouble sleeping on my side. I can't exercise without pain. When I sit for a while and then get up I am so stiff it takes me a while to feel like I can start walking. My doctor said I can only have 3 injections and then he said there is a procedure where they take my blood out and spin it and then put it back in my body. I am wondering how dangerous this is and could this cause we problems in the future having this procedure done. I have been prescribed a joint pain cream that has ketamine, tramadol, bupivacaine, clonidine and flurbiprofen in it. I have been putting it on 4 times a day. I don't know what to do next. Do you think I need a second opinion on my condition. I am a fast walking and have been my whole life have I caused this problem by walking too fast all the time>
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replied November 25th, 2013
Hi Pugger
Tried to reply before and it disappeared? It sounds like your doctor and physio have been good as I think the only treatment for this is steroids injections or bursa removal.
My dad and I both got told we had bursitis, dad had it much worse than me. I got told mine was cos had a new knee and my walking style had cuased it. We attended physio and got the elctrotherapy but both physio's now say we have weaknesses in our backs which I dont think is the case....
Maybe a 2nd opinion for you may be an option? It can't hurt eh?

Good Luck...

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