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Burping in early morning, nausea feeling all the time

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I have been often having gastritis and slight acidity. When I visited Doctor about a year ago, he suggested taking omeprazole 20mg. I took for 2 weeks, once the symptoms improved I stopped on the advice of the doctor. Doctor did not want to do endoscopy at that time, since I went back to normal. I do this once a while whenever I get acidity or take zantac 150mg.
I am weighing about 188 lbs, height 5'6", age 49, male, BMI is 30, I want to reduce weight. So I started going gym as well as Alli.
These days I am getting nausea (bloating/ full feeling all the time) but I dont vomit. As soon as I wake up in morning, I am burping as if I am full at that time. During exercise, I have been burping. Night time also, I am getting burping. Is that I am swallowing air?
I had been given Hepatatis A&B vaccine 1st dose about 40 days ago and 2nd dose about a week ago.
Can medical expert advise me why do I have full feeling all the time, these days. I dont vomit and I am able to eat food, it is not a problem at all.
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replied May 29th, 2013
It may be your stomach acid in your throat causing your body to produce more flem that is being pushed down to your stomach all night making you feel sick at in the morning
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