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Burning when peeing after sex

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Im 16 now and have a gf that ive been dating for like 4 months now.
About 2 months ago we started having sex.
Shes on the pill.
Well my problem lyes with this.
About 3 weeks ago she started getting really bad bladder infections.
She went to the doctor 3 different times and she has gotten 3 different types of antibiotics. She then went to a radiologist and they didn't find anything.

My problem is it really hurts when I pee sometimes. The only time it does is when I just ejaculated, and it was with my gf. The burning will last about an hour after the first time I pee after having vaginal intercourse with her. It has never happens when I pee when I didn't just have sex. And if i ejaculate with out her (masturbate) the burning doesn't happen.
My question is why?
is it because I get a uti every time I have sex with her?
and men just dont get symptoms?
Is it because when you have sex with a woman it boosts testosterone levels which could make my seaman thick which would make some sort of burning happen?
Could I have chlamydia?
It never burns unless I just ejaculated. If i have sex without finishing, there is no burn.
My gf's mom and sister both had uti's alot when they were younger.
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replied August 1st, 2009
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it could be because of her problem but the best thing is to see a practitioner or equivilent & take care of it quickly so you dont cause more problems for yourself or her. be responsible, that is what we have to do when we become sexually active with others
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