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burning urine, and recently ,yellowish semen,

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Hi,I'm 18 and, I used to masturbate alot since i was 12, and when i was masturbating too much after 3 times a day , I could feel the pain in my penis and testicles.When I tried to put a pressure on my penis and feel the uthera , I could feel the mixture of pain and burning feeling inside my penis ,but the pain were disappeared after peeing.Also, sometimes i could feel a numb feeling in my right testicle.However,I have continued this habit until the first time that i had sex using condom, because of that i could get rid of overmasturbating, and now i just do it once a week, but I still have burning urine, and recently ,yellowish semen, and alittle less libido .My question is that is a result of overnasturbation and uthera injury or some sort of infection?I tried ciprofloxacin and cranberry juice and got a white urine for just one week ,now i have that problem again.When i had sex i didn\'t have a premature ejaculation but in masturbating i do ,what can i do ?
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replied May 20th, 2012
From a medical perspective, I'd say consult a physician. By cleaning your kidney's with juice goes to show it could be an infection or even a disease. Keep an eye on your urine, if you feel it's too dark, consider juice or more clear liquids, avoid dark soda's. Fear not, I don't think it's possible to over masturbate or to be oversexed.

Tho depending on if you are using lube or another method could be the source of your concern. Peeing afterwards is clearing the urethra. If the pains continue for a long time following, you seriously should consult your health provider.

My child of 3 is sensitive to certain soaps in that area and causes his penis to burn if washed with it. After peeing, he goes back to normal so we avoid certain soaps for him.
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