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Burning under right side of rib cage around the stomacch area...

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For the past few weeks ive been getting this burning sinsation in my stomach area, on the right side. The pain is tolerable, except last night. The pain was fairly bad, had me in the feattle position. I dont eat sweets, I drink ocasionaly, i drink tea and soda alot, and not to much water. Not really srtessed out, and I live the average day to day life. Any body have any ideas.
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replied March 21st, 2011
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Hi jay_916, how are you?
I'm not a doctor. doctor
The burning sensation could be due to eccess acid build up, and too much soda(sugar, citric acid) will do that. Also too much tea(caffeine)can cause burning.
You could try to substitute the soda with Natural Carbonated Mineral Water(if you crave the bubbles), but don't over do it. Non carbonated water is always the best choice. Also, cut down on the tea and, add a slice of lemon to it instead of cream/milk. coffee
I find tea(orange pekoe) with lemon (or most ready packaged lemon/herbal tea)to be very soothing, whenever I feel stomach burning. I hope it works for you too.
TC. T. cartwheel
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