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Burning, stinging red bumps around vagina. No puss or bleeding.

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I have had the same boyfriend for over 2 years. And we have sex. About a year ago he had sex with someone else. Since then,him and I have had sex many times. but it hasn't been until recently that I have had red burning bumps around my vagina. They sting when I urinate. There are about.8 of them and they arent able to be squeezed. I have no idea what they.are. Any advice?
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replied February 13th, 2012
are the bumps grouped together? They can be Herpes. VISIT your gyno a.s.a.p....

or if you're really shy you can have blood tests for Herpes done which is HSV 2 for genital herpes. Positive HSV2 means you've got Herpes.
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replied October 6th, 2012
@HolyHock85: You are misinformed. HSV2 is not genital herpes, just like HSV1 is not "cold sores" reserved for lips.

HSV1 can infect the genitals just like HSV2 can infect around the mouth area and lips.

People can get either type in either place.
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