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Burning & Stinging Back

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Ok, about 2 years ago I started feeling things in my lower back & into the buttock area. I felt I could stretch it out & did that for awhile but now it's alot more problematic. It's burning & stinging close all day now with what I call a twing behind my left shoulder blade. I'm a local truck driver & sitting is becoming an enemy. I'm 31 years old & haven't had any injuries that I know of. I first tried going to the Chiropractor. He told me I have a slight curve in my upper to mid spine which I thought explained the twing but not the lower burning & stinging. I have recently stopped going for money reasons & because I don't beleive it's going to fix anything in the long run. I could be wrong. Should I see an Orthopedic? Get an MRI? It would be nice to know what's really going on with my back/spine. The Chiropractor just seemed so vague like he really didn't know.
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First Helper drfelix

replied July 8th, 2009
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I sounds like you have compressed nerves in your lumbar spine. Compression of nerves in the lumbar area will cause that burning, stinging nerve pain that you are feeling.

Excess sitting, i.e. being a truck driver, puts a great deal of pressure on the lumbar spine and those that may be more susceptible to lumbar spine problems, but also unaware that they are, can develop spine problems.

You need to see a spine surgeon, either an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in spines or a neurosurgeon that specializes in spines only, to evaluate and diagnose your spine problem.

Let the spine specialist decide what kind of MRI you will need and then get it done and go from there.

Forget the chiropractor. See the spine surgeon and go from there.

Many spine problems can be healed with conservative measures and don't require surgery. The longer you wait the more complicated your spine problems can become.

Good luck

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replied August 9th, 2010
Back ache or back pain for drivers - a professional's opinion
Although this post appeared in 2009, as an Osteopathic physician I would urge anyone with the same problem NOT to necessarily "go straight to a spinal surgeon". This is an 'end stage' solution which should only be considered once other avenues (therapies, exercise, and the correct type of stretching) have been investigated and tried out.

I notice you wrote that you tried stretching which seems to have made it worse. As an Osteopath seeing this sort of thing day to day, I can say that when people stretch they typically stretch the lower back (curling up into a ball or twisting), the hamstrings (back of the leg)or the buttock muscles.

Notice that these are structures on the back / posterior of the body?

Most of our day in modern society is spent sitting so the posterior structures are on stretch most of the time. I find that stretching the quadriceps (front of thigh) and in particular the HIP FLEXORS (in a lunge position where you feel a stretch at the anterior groin) does wonders for anyone sitting all day. Your back will thank you!

My advice is go and see an Osteopath as they are trained to consider the WHOLE body in the diagnosis of back pain, not just the spine.

All the best
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