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Burning sensation in shoulder blade

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I have been getting a really bad burning sensation on my left shoulder blade in my back. It feels like it is on fire. What is this caused buy???
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replied May 27th, 2009
hello and welcome. have you pulled a muscle in your shoulder or lifted something heavy but in awkward way.
sounds like pulled muscle and the burning you are experiencing is inflammation.
try frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel to bring the inflammation down and if you have ibuprofen take one of them and see if this helps.
hope this helps you but watch your post for updates. i am a supporter on this forum so advising you best i can.
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replied July 13th, 2009
Burning shoulderblade sensation
I have been having this burning sensation forever.My fingers take turn in hurting.These days my pinky and ringfinger are hurting.My arm gets numb, depends on how I'm sitting or laying down.Sometimes all this happens to my left leg and both heels.
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