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Burning Pains

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I am 31 weeks pregnant and for the last 3 week i have been getting a burning / stinging pain in the upper left/middle side of my bump ,my GP said it just cartlidge and not to worry , but it seems to be getting worse and pains me all the time and i am worried about the baby . If anyone has experienced anything similar or can give me some advise i would really appericate it Rolling Eyes
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replied October 16th, 2011
Burning Sensation during pregnancy
Omg, I get the same thing too! This is my second pregnancy (11 yrs apart) and have felt that burning sensation ON my skin, top of my stomach. It sounds plausible that it could be my skin stretching, but every minute of the day?! Weird thing is, it's just a sensation, no noticeable irritation like redness, rash, discoloration or stretch marks...just my normal skin that burns like hell. My doctors are not familiar with what I'm feeling so they have no GOOD suggestions for relief. Somebody help us!!! #notheartburn
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replied December 13th, 2011
im 32 weeks pregnant this is my first pregnancy and i get that burning sensation on my tummy after laying on hurts really bad...i dont ever see any redness or anything but i really dont know what to do..I called my doc. office and they said if the baby is still moving that not to worry to much and bring it up at the next appt.
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