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My husband has a burning pain on his right side lower waist area, going from his back to front. If he bends it hurts and if he lays on the side it will start. He says it feels like a runners pain.
What could cause this?
Thank you for you help, he is having trouble sleeping because of this.
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replied November 22nd, 2009
I had the same pain, and the doctor told me it wasn´t the apendix... That is a derivation of being so much periods in stress, IS CALLED NERVE COLITIS (nerve alteration of the digestive system)sometimes hurts really bad, some others not really, and some rarely the pain dissapears. Theres a treatment for this HEALTHCENTERS in mexico JUST RELEASED IT, ,(Psidium guajava L)From the fruit Guava... AND ITS IN EVERY PHARMACY. Genomma Lab is the brand and the name is QG5. Ask your doctor, if he thinks this information is relevant.
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