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Burning pain in centre of lower back

for a few years now I have experience burning pain sensations in my lower back (tail bone) and it causes my legs to go numb. I am unable to sit of lay down with any comfort. Since December it has been horrible at times to even swipe the floor with a broom. I have had a x-ray taken back in December but did not show anything.
The Doctor said it was an inflamation of the 5th and 6th disc, gave me a percription for anti inflamatory pills and muscle relaxtins but still 3 months later always everyday I have the same pain.
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First Helper tsimmons

replied March 18th, 2010
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sorry you are having these problems.
three months of leg numbness is much too long to go without a solid diagnosis and a good treatment plan.your pc dr should have referred you to a specialist. you need to see either a neuro or ortho surgeon who specializes on the spine. he/she will order necessary tests to determine cause of trouble. xrays dont show discs so we dont know whats going on.....pete
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replied March 20th, 2010
I agree with Pete. You need a new diagnosis. If both legs are going numb at the same time, it likely means a spinal problem. My question is: how long does the numbness last?

Another possibility is spinal stenosis. It can cause the symptoms you're having but can be treated in many cases.

Good luck!
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