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Burning pain during sex. Why?

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My boyfriend and I have had sex around 10 times or so and it has never hurt or anything during these times. Then the last time we had sex I experienced this awful burning sensation with every thrust and a sharp stabbing pain in my stomach when he went in deep. We tried every other position possible and still it was the same! I then cam on my period say 3 weeks after and in about 6 years of using tampons when I had inserted it, it felt sooo uncomfortable and the burning sensation came back and I couldn't deal with it inside me! Please helpppp I have no clue what's wrong!
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First Helper Lady_Magoo

replied December 25th, 2010
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gvizzle, The sharp stabbing pain during deep penetration is normally when he hits your cervix. It is VERY uncomfortable and painful. At certain times of your cycle, your cervix is lower inside your vagina and it is easier to hit.

A burning sensation is often because of friction. A bit of personal lubricant can help with that. Even if you think you are aroused, you can still be dry inside. For the same reason you should only use tampons when you are flowing enough. If you are dry, you will be getting the burning sensation when inserting or removing it.

An infection can also cause a burning sensation. Do you protect yourself from STDs?

Best of luck!
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replied December 27th, 2010
Sorry I didn't explain myself very well. Yes we always have used a condom and my boyfriend and I haven't been with anyone else. But this sensation isn't so much burning because I used to experience the friction thing so we did use lubricant and always do so it went. This pain now is more of a sting like a hot painful sensation I can't cope with and he has to pull out

As for the tampons I only ever you medium flows ones and I only use them when I'm heaviest.

This such a problem !
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replied April 2nd, 2013
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replied January 4th, 2011
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I recently started having this issue too. My current boyfriend is greatly larger than my first sexual partner...The first time we had sex he couldn't even go in halfway because my body wasn't so use to having someone larger in me, plus it had been over 6 months since I had last had sex.

We started having sex, rougher sex I suppose you can say the second time I visited him (two hours apart) and after that I started feeling this burning sensation when I urinated. I thought I was getting a UTI...Turns out it was just from having too much sex. My clit was so sore and tender that it hurt to even touch it. Also, when I start feeling any bit of pain I know it is time to stop now. It comes from not having enough lubricant. Even though condoms are used, the lubricant does wear away eventually.

Keep a bottle of lubracant around with you if you can just in case. Even if you are starting to go dry, take a break, apply some lubricant to the condom/penis and even place a little outside of you. Eventually the lube will work gently into you and maybe it will be more comfortable to have sex.

Good luck! Smile
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