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Abdominal pain and bellyaches are common. Though most cases of abdominal pain aren't serious, sometimes you will need to see a doctor. We’ll review some of...
Abdominal pain can be uncomfortable but is very common. But when is pain in the abdomen serious? Learn how to describe your symptoms more accurately so that yo...
It's important to "know your pain" to help your doctor diagnose the reason behind abdominal pain. Read on for more tools and information about how to diagnose ...
I have been to the drs numerous times now, even by ambulance 2 times at first thinking my appendix was bursting. they found slight dialation of the bile duct, but nothing serious. ive had blood wok, ultra sounds, ct scans, x rays, everything and they still cant figure it out. There is a buring feeling like someones putting a hot pan on my right side almost near where my ovarie would be, with terrible cramping in my lower stomach. I was constipated for about 4 months and now im in the bathroom almost constantly, especially right after I eat. Im thinking this may be something instestinal but obviously im not sure. im feeling drained and depressed from never getting any answers and still being in so much pain, home all day with two toddlers. Im not sure what to do.
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replied February 20th, 2009
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Abdominal cramping in lower parts of abdomen, with alternated frequency and form of stool, are characteristic for Irritable bowel syndrome.
There are periods of constipation followed with periods of diarrhea, or you may have diarrhea like stools predominantly in mornings and constipation later the same day.
Diarrhea soon after the meal, or first thing in the morning is characteristic for IBS.
Abdominal pain will or won't ease after completing a bowel movement or passing gas.
These symptoms of IBS are more intensive during the menstrual period.
Burning sensation at your lower abdominal pain is probably due to injury or entrapment of certain nerve.
These damages can occur following appendectomy, cesarean section, due to pregnancy, blunt abdominal trauma, or it can happen without obvious reason spontaneously.
You may talk with a surgeon or neurologist, to get checked about nerve injury or entrapment.

Best wishes!
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replied June 16th, 2009
For the right side pain ...
You might also want to check for a yeast infection in the bowel. I had this for 8 years and did many tests and scans and the Dr's saw nothing. Colonoscopy, IVP, barium enema, you name it I had it. They eventually gave up and tried to prescribe me muscle relaxers. then I went to a chiropractor/chinese medicine dr who checked me his way and said I had yeast infection and that it was particularly bad near the the ileo-psecal valve. I took supplements to kill yeast, went on a sugar-free, mold-free diet, and had accupuncture. After three visits the pain was suddenly GONE. After 8 years of pain, just like that. It did not return.
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replied February 23rd, 2012
right lower abdominal burning sensation for males. Almost just a few inches below the rib cage.
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