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Burning feeling in penis

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10 years ago i had a kidney infection(escherichiacoli)they gave me cipro for 10 days and i was fine,how ever a week later every time when i urinated i had a burning feeling on the very tip of the penis, i went back to the doctor and they could not find any thing wrong,as time went by the burning feeling expanded to other areas of the head of the penis but now i did not have to urinate in order to feel the pain or the burning and the worse was and still is that this feeling some times transfers to the skin around the head of the penis and it is really bad because of the rubbing effect, it really make's it hard for me to walk, i been to urologists, to dermatologist etc....they had done bioxis and can't find any thing
how ever i met a lady from a latin country and as time went by i told her of my situation, she told me that she went true the same situation for about 12 years until a doctor from a latin country vacationing here advised her to take (floxin)she took it and finally she was free from the affliction,,note:when i take a hot shower i notice like reddish or pinshist spots on the head of the penis that within 10 to 20 seconds they desapear,since no doctors would prescribe the
floxin, few years later i got an ear infection and i was prescribed levaquin and little that i knew withing few days it seems that my problem was gone,i found out
that this antibiotic was in the same family as floxin,but after 3 or 4 weeks later i still had the problem,years later i got my hands on the floxin but i did not take it because after i read the possible side effects i was really scare, specially that it was not prescribed by any doctors,i sent a letter to my mom in
cuba explaining to her my problem, i even sent her pics went i came out of the shower with spots on the head of the penis to see if she can talk with a doctor and see if any thing could be done about it, the doctor said that it is common in cuba and this would not show in the lab when they did the bioxi, he explained to my mom that this was the result of the kidney infection, he said that the bacteria came up via urethra and lodged under the skin of penis head and that it is very difficult for it to show in any cultured in the lab,,i can get the floxin but scare, can some help me, is there any thing that i can take natural or not strong as floxin or with less riskier side effects,please its been 11 years now, can some one help, its been like being in hell looking ,,,thanks
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