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I’ve had a burning sensation in my ear canal for the last 14 days. I saw the GP last week (Friday) and he inspected my ear and said eardrum and canal looked very red. GP stated this often occurs after a cold or a head trauma. Though I said had neither.

The GP prescribed me Erythromycin. (I believe this is an Antibiotic substitute). Though GP said it maybe only have a 20% chance of working, as often these things clear up by themselves. He said see how I get on with Ibrofen first, then if that not working then start taking the Antibiotic.

In September I had a bad infection in the same ear and it took 3 does of Penicillin to combat it. Maybe why GP giving me Erythromycin, as something different to combat the infection?

I been taking the antibiotics since Sunday. However my ear is still really burning. Should I start feeling progress now if the Antibiotics are working? Or can you really only rate things until after the whole dose has been taken?
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