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Burn Sensation back of head

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i was sitting in a chair and all of sudden i felt a pop then a liquid/burning feel move up my hairline to the back of my head , i did not feel dizzy and after about 2 sec in localized in one area on the back of my neck..i have been stressing alot about my heath lately i don't have any insurance until next monday and i have been to the ER and the doc decided not go give me a CT scan because he said there was no need for it! i am constantly worried now i have something seriously wrong with me more then just my constipation and stomach problems which i think is gastritis.

wright now the pain is on my neck and shoulders and i have a slight headache
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replied April 1st, 2012
This is nerves when you do get insurance see a neurologist it could be as simple as a chiropractor visit when the vertebras in your neck rotate they pinch nervesvand cause this sensation I've had it on and off for years for starters see a chiro Smile it helped me
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