Although only minimal, I realized that I have some sort of rash on the outside of my anus. I'm really embarrassed since I am 16-year old guy and I have never had sexual intercourse...

More specifically, it is on the right side of the anus and the bumps are slightly red. I'm really scared and hopefully this isn't anything worst than it actually is.

Also, there is no discoloration, no excruciating pain (just mild - started today), no puss or fluid exiting the bumps and there is only slight itchiness but not to enough for one to scratch. Also, it mildly burns but that might be due to lotion application. It also mildly hurts during contraction during excretion but not to an extent where I feel the need to groan or shout.

Please help me out, the amount of stress and fear I have right now is unbearable, I'm aware that I'm only 16 but that's exactly my point. I don't really want to tell my parents anything because I don't really have that type of relationship with (I hope you understand) and also because it's extremely embarrassing.

Thank you in advance
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replied March 21st, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

Your sore bottom might just be something you have eaten or it might be caused by medication.
Antibiotics can kill a large amount of the gut bacteria which means the half digested food that is excreted can still be very acidic.

The skin around the anus is quite sensitive and it is wise to be aware of the itch-scratch-itch cycle especially where unconscious scratching, while asleep for instance, damages the skin making things worse. If this is a possibility the use of an antiseptic cream or ointment containing a local anaesthetic could help along with wearing the sort of pyjamas tied with a cord and possibly wearing gloves.

It could be worth taking a close look at your diet especially if you are currently producing a hard stool that can damage the anus. Plenty of fibre along with pre-biotic foods and even pro-biotic things such as live yoghurt will be good for gut health and digestion and reduce the stress on the anus. Avoiding caffeine and drinking plenty of clear uncarbonated fluids will also be beneficial.

If the problem persists for a week or worsens you should see your family doctor.

I hope this helps.
Good luck!
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