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bumps on underside of shaft

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im a young lad and ive noticed small bumps (goosebumps) on the underside of shaft and bottom of the head of my penis. i noticed them a while ago but i researched it thinking it was genitial warts but after looking into symtoms of genital warts i felt they were not them and after looking some more i thought they could be sebaceous glands of hair follicles but after more thought that im 18 so i have been through puberty and they are to high up to have hair grow from them and that they have been there a long time. it makes me begin to wonder what they are. I have had sexual activity and once without a condom but that was a long long time ago. i masterbate a good 1-3 times a day and have done for a good 6 months. could this be the reason?
any help would be much appeciated.
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