Over the last 4 days I keep getting spot-like bumps appearing in my hair, about 3 or 4 at once. When squeezed a clear liquid is being released. I've also got skin coming off my hair, not like dandruff but like a soft skin, a bit like moist talcum powder. I don't have dandruff though. When I got someone to look they're like big red bumps.

I was wondering maybe if it was folliculitis, but I'm a girl and got really long hair, and it's random places in my hair ( can't see unless you look/feel in it).

What is it and how do I treat it?!

Thanks in advance!
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replied December 19th, 2013
Scalp Issues : Red painful bumps & small white heads
Hi, I too have exactly similar issue with my scalp. Big red bumps which are painful & consist of liquid secerition. I also have small white heads tiny small white colour ball like thing, which comes off easily if I scratch them slightly with my nail. This has been since many years now & have very high hair fall & extremly low or no new hair growth. Request someone to please address these issues.
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