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Bumps but not warts?

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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 4 months. He went out of town for 10 days and when he came back, he went down on me one night, but we didn't have sex. The next day, I noticed a bump on the outer edge of my vagina. I panicked and checked things out and noticed several hard bumps on the "back wall" of the entry to the vagina. Basically below where a tampon rests, but not totally external. I am so worried that it's vaginal warts or hpv, because they're not herpes-like sores; they're just like little bumps that are harder than the tissue around it. They're not white, crusty or itchy. There's no strange discharge and no abnormal odor. They don't hurt. I'd say they're uncomfortable, because it's not the usual soft tissue. My yearly exam is in a week and a half, so I thought I'd wait it out, but I'm still really concerned about hpv. Is there anything it could be in relation to friction, irritation, or anything?
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replied February 4th, 2013
Did you find out what they were? I have the same...
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