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Bumps below penis head with burning

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I had sex with my GF about month ago and I recently notice about couple weeks ago that i been having a little burn/itch like feeling on my penis. It seems like its in the urethra or near the head. There is no pain and its very mild burn/itch feeling. when i move my finger along the urethra it kinda has a itch feeling. As of right now I just feel very little like heat feeling. It did burn a little when i pee'd but now it seems fine. I been drinking a lot of water.
I also notice i have like these i guess 2 little bumps below my penis head on bottom.

Me and my GF used Vaginal Contraceptive Film for protection. I don't kno if that caused this or if its something else? We only had sex with each other so we don't have any STD's. Anal sex was also involved. Any idea what this could be? will it go away on its own? I took a picture so you can get a better example of what it looks like. Don't know if this is normal or not.
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