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bumps around genital area are spreading when popped?

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hi.. hmmm.. this is really scaring me. i never experienced anything like this before, so let me start off that i know what razor burns are and this doesn't look like what i am suffering from, although i do notice these bumps right after i shave. i started noticing painless really soft liquid filled bumps around my genital area. not on my vagina but around where the tougher skin is where hair grows, even around my rectum. they are painless clear/red soft liquid filled bumps with white head center in them, once i pop them, what looks like a white head of an ingrown hair pops out with or without puss then starts oozing lots of blood, and blood stops once i put pressure on it for a little while. whats scaring me is, those bumps are spreading especially when i pop them...i didn't notice them till 2 months ago.i am in a troubled marriage, i don't trust my husband... its been been hell and we separated for a year and a half and where going through divorce.. and supposedly each of us moved on, "the story gets clear" but i didn't go sleeping around at all...i don't know what he did in this year and a half of separation cause i simply didn't care anymore.but for the sake of the kids, we wanted to give it another try so i came back to New York 4 months ago and voila 2 months later i am seeing those bumps.. he has nothing though, i think..cause he just trims.
now here is another info.. i have had what looks like KP all over my body ever since i can remember, but never in my life did i see anything spread around my genital area like this... i am seriously scared and frustrated. that's all i think of. what could all this be? cause i know once i confront him about this he will start pointing fingers at me if it turned out to be an std and mention our year and a half separation , god forbid Sad
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replied October 14th, 2012
no one had answered this yet?
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