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Bumps around eyes

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Current problem: A few smallish, smooth, low but raised red bumps around/below my right eye. Sort of in the crease where the skin turns into thicker facial skin. Slightly itchy, sometimes. Also a bunch of small acne in the crease of my nose on that side, but I don't know if that's related. May just be because when the area started getting vaguely red, I put a lot of moisturizer on it.

Other information: my boyfriend got these on both eyes (same places) a few months ago. Didn't hurt or grow or burst or move into the eye or anything. Just appeared and disappeared. Now I have them, as of this morning. Eh?

Other conditions: went to the doctor about a month ago for itching and rash-like bumps around the labia majora and in the creases between my legs and my pelvis (so, not genital skin for the leg creases, but nearby). Was very definitively identified by the doc as a skin fungus (can't remember the official name), and told to treat it with Lotrimin (or Selsum Blue). I did, and it got a lot better, although one "ring" is still barely hanging in there. (I've had other skin fungus problems before, including one that looked a lot like this years and years ago, but was between my breasts.)

Also, persistent toenail fungus. It stays under control with Lotrimin, but it will NOT GO AWAY.

And FINALLY, a recurrent rash-like collection of rough, painful skin that appears on my upper right arm every winter. Goes away with moisturizer if I catch it soon enough, after that it takes an OTC cream I no longer remember, as I haven't had to use it in ages.

So what's up. Am I just crazy fungal? Is this some weird form of herpes, because I am constantly paranoid about these things? Too much skin oil? Too little?
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