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Bumps and sores - Hemorrhoids ?

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It happen about the time when I was done getting over my flu/stomach flu I had. I shaved that area....but this time I have bumps. I thought oh maybe I cut myself a little. It been a few weeks, and I have a few bumps that almost feel like when I started to get my Boil. It hurts to sit sometimes, and I can't use normal TP. The best way I can explain them are, some are bumps, other parts are just sore shallow bumps. I had bumps from shaving before diffrent area, but never this painful and long.
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I read what Hemroids were,they don't seem like "grapes". Should I see a doctor? Or should I treat them as hemroids? I been trying to keep the area nice, but it just hurts bad at the end of the day LOL.
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