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Bump on tip of penis (Pics)

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So I've had this bump on the tip of my penis since I was 15. It doesn't hurt but it's extremely disgusting. Not only is there a bump but that whole front tip is red. I don't smell anything too funny. Here's what the doctors I've seen have said.

Dermatologist: The white bumps around your penis are pearly penile papules they are natural and can be removed with surgery. As for the bump I'm not sure what it is but it doesn't look like any kind of STI.

Doctor 1: (visual exam only) Its fungus lets put some cream on there.
- It was some kind of antifungal and anti-inflamattory mix.
- The cream didn't do a damn thing.

Doctor 2: Same as above

Urologist: Oh yea red bumps on the tip of your penis are toooooootally normal yep you don't need any meds, be on your way.

Take a look at these pictures and you tell me if its normal to you because I've lost all hope with my local doctors. This might seem like a small issue to most of you but it makes me hate life every day.

By some hope is there someone out there who can make it go away? Please.


-- Penis tip --

-- Pearly penile papules --
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replied March 2nd, 2011
Community Volunteer
Can't advice on the penis tip but as for the pearly papules
these are very normal and usually very dominate
in men with foreskin these help with the sensation of
orgasm so don't worry about them, Men who are circumcised
usually have very little due to the direct rubbing of
the papules against cloting, they have no protection
so very little exist and usually look very smooth.
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