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Bump on lower leg. Vein? Fluid? Air?

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Hello. Recently, I've developed a liquid/air filled bump on my leg around the size of a dime. It bulges out, is painless, and i can press on it to collapse it. There is nothing hard under the bump, HOWEVER there seems to be a hole in my leg muscle in that area unless I'm feeling it incorrectly. It's as if the muscle splits open a bit exactly where that bump is. The bump is really noticeable, so I've been avoiding shorts. Is it a vein? Liquid? Air? As far as I can tell I have only noticed it for about 3 weeks. It may have been there for a quite a bit longer, but I haven't noticed it until now. It couldn't have been a year. I got a job around 3 months ago, and my legs were almost undeveloped and void of muscle from living a sedentary lifestyle. They are still extremely skinny and lack a lot of muscle. Is this bump permanent or can it go away? It looks really ugly and I want it gone..

The bump seems to disappear when I am sitting down or when my leg is elevated. When i stand the bump reappears, which tells me it may have something to do with my blood flow. I also have extremely large veins in my arms, and the veins in my face have been beginning to enlarge as well. Almost to a noticeable degree. I don't know if this is related or not.
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