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bump on inner sack testical

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I have a slight lump/bump inside my testical sack, only on the inner side of the sack skin not the actual testical. Its not very big but like a very small pea that is slight extended so ovalish and doesnt hurt. You cant see it from outside and there is no redness or change. Its not noticeable if you stretch the skin, but definitely there when felt. Im a virgin so is not something i have caught. Should i be worried? Is it anything that needs treatment?
If there's any more info needed, im happy to provide.
Thank you and please help me, im worried Sad Crying or Very sad
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replied January 17th, 2009
HI, I have the same condition as yours now
Just yesterday I detected the same thing as yours.
I went to the doctor and he ordered me to go through the ultrasound test.

I was wondering what happened to you after all this time has passed since you last posted this message.
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