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bump on forehead

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7/22/10- my 14month old baby fell face first onto the concrete as he was pushing a baby wagon at his daycare, the results of this fall he got a goose egg size bump on his left side forehead, its not really bruised, but its still a big size and it really scared me when i seen it, should i be concerned? should i take him into urgent care for cat scan?

he fell 7/21/10.
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replied July 23rd, 2010

How is your son now? What did you do in the end? I'd say it depends on how they are after the fall. My daughter recently had a sore fal onto a tiled floor face first from about 3ft ish. She had a burst lip and a bruise onher head and i was really worried coz when she stoppped crying she was so sleepy she fell asleep. I had been told by a friend who was there to check her pupils were the same size and check she was always definitely sleeping and not unconsious. Luckily she was fine but I didn't take my eyes off her til she woke up and kept nudging her to check she was still just sleeping.

Hope your son is ok.

Becks x
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replied July 26th, 2010
i was told by hospital when i took my son in for a fall that as long as it swells outward everything should be fine. just make sure for first night to keep checking and make sure they are sleeping and not unconsious...they said to take them on hand see if they move or do whatever to get them to move. hope everything is ok
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