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bump near arm pits

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Really don't know if this is the correct section, But i decided to post here because i think it could be something with sweat glands or what not. And maybe someone else can relate.
For the past few days i have had this weird lump under my skin about 4 inches down from the pit, it moves around much like something is in there, like tissue of some sort. It is fairly large, One thing was i think it is a swollen muscle because i worked out yesterday which i havent done in a while but i want to be in shape, so maybe it could be a swollen muscle, i mean, my chest muscles still hurt from working out since im not used to the strain.
i obviously know this isnt any tumor of any sort, because im 14 and was just at the doctor and got blood tests for a wellness check and everything turned out fine.
but ive only seemed to notice this since i worked out.
So what could it be?
Swollen sweat gland, Muscle, or node?
I ave no idea nd hope someone can relate or provide me with some info.
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replied April 2nd, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
If the lump does not go away you need to tell your parents and get back in to the doctor. You have glands and lymph nodes near the arm pits. They can become enlarged for many reasons but one being that they are helping your body fight off infection (like a cold). The other side of the coin is that persistent swollen lymph nodes can signal serious conditions and need medical attention right away. The blood work your doctor did is not going to reveal anything with the lump under your arm. There are very specific blood tests done to look at what may be causing the swelling. Keep an eye on it. If it is still there in 5-7 days tell your parents and get in to the doctor.
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