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bump behind right jaw and under ear lobe

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Alright I'm pretty this isn't TMJ seeing as I don't have any other symptoms besides this bump. but this is where most google results showed up in this forum and I didn't know where else to put it. I have had this lump about the size of my finger tip about an inch below my right ear lobe and close to my jaw bone for a few months now. This started when I flew back from PR, I had been kind of congested before the flight but upon getting home my ear was in pain. For the next week I was pretty sick with what I thought was an ear infection and the lump was actually visible from the outside. I took some penicillin but never finished the entire bottle because I got better. well now it's a few months later and i still have this ball under my earlobe and my ear is cracking and popping.

when I went to my GP last week I thought it was a lymp node but she felt my neck and said they felt symmetrical but that I had fluid in my right ear. so I was given some type of steroid to drain my eustaian tube and a zpack but both have yet to really help.

Is there anyway this could be caused by an impacted wisdom tooth? my bottom right wisdom tooth is pretty badly impacted

if not that any ideas? I'll probably go to my dentist next week to ask him about it being the tooth.

EDIT: now my right jaw joint area is kind of hurting when I move my jaw to try to "pop" my ear
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