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Okay... i don't even know if it's in the right category... but i really need some quick help. This morning at 9 I woke up I felt that my left ear area was hurting really badly. I was probably dreaming but then when I felt the area behind my right ear, I felt a really big bump and it hurts when I poke or touch it.

I was crying cuz I didn't know what it was... could it be a cyst or something that goes to cancer and takes my life???? I'm really scared right now I called my parents to tell them to take me to the doctor tonight.

I went back to sleep trying to calm myself down.... does anyone know what this could be?? I mean it just appeared when I woke up. Before I slept at night it wasn't even there... please help me.
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replied August 24th, 2008
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It could just be a swollen gland. What did the Dr. say? Are you better now?
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