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Bulimia Causes and Risk Factors

Bulimia Causes and Risk Factors
Bulimia nervosa
Causes and Risk Factors

Causes of Bulimia
There is no one, definite cause of bulimia.  However, researchers suspect that bulimia is a result of complex belief or emotional patterns and social pressures.  Purging episodes may be an effort to deal with emotions by reinforcing a sense of control over life, for example.  Or by purging, a person may be trying to regain control over life stressors such as moving to a new city or going to college.  Of course, Western women are exposed to ideals of beauty that involve being exceptionally thin that may contribute to cases of bulimia. 

Risk factors
A number of different factors can combine and make it more likely that a person will experience bulimia nervosa.  For example, 9 of 10 bulimic sufferers are women.  Other risk factors include:

Age -  The teens and early 20s are the most common times for developing bulimia nervosa, which can be triggered by body changes such as breast and hip growth or stress during teen years. 

Emotional disorders - People who experience bulimia may have lower self-esteem, than those without bulimia.  They may also have higher levels of anxiety. 

Gender - Eating disorders tend to develop more often in women than in men.

Genetics - Genetics may play a role in bulimia, with one member of a family at a higher risk if other family members have had bulimia or other eating disorders.  

Significant life changes - major life changes such as going to college, divorce, etc., may play a role in the development of this eating disorder. 

Societal influences and pressures - Western media ideals of successful thin women or family criticisms may contribute to bulimia.  Particularly competitive sport players or performance artists may also be more likely to develop bulimia than others.

Are you, a friend, or a loved one experiencing bulimia nervosa?  By understanding the symptoms of bulimia, you can begin taking steps to deal with stress and anxiety, and live life in a healthy way.  For more on the symptoms of bulimia, read here for information.

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