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Bulimia, what are its detrimental effects? Have I gone too far?

I've been suffering from bulimia for approximately one year now and it's finally spun wildly out of control. I've been eating about 6,000 calories once a day (every day) and spending a full hour purging immediately afterwards.

My throat constantly burns, I've been having the most awful headaches, I've missed my period for the past two months, my knuckles are starting to scar, my heart and stomach burn, and lastly I've become psychologically addicted to this forsaken abnormal disorder.

Within a span of 2 months I've lost 25 pounds but my BMI has been "fairly" normal (currently 5'1, 100 pounds). The question is, how do I go about getting help? Also, how detrimental do you feel the results will be seeing as I'm only 19? Not once have I ever admitted this to anyone, I hope I can cure this all on my own without the embarassment of seeking outside help. I used to be so strong.
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replied September 22nd, 2010
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it is not posible to beat bulimia whithout help, even by posting here you have mde the first step. try to find the curge to speek to your family docter they are the firts port of call an will be able to refer you on to specalists (althogh if your waight is normal it may take some time to get the syistem to work). alternitivly if you are still in education the nures at where you are studing may also be able to help, and it will not be the first time they have delt with an eating disorder they are resnably common. you might also find it helpful to try some of the online self help and suport sights which can be verry good.

i would advise that you try to split your eating up, having a regular meal patern can reduce the size of binges. also if youare purging reguly a vitermin and mineral suplemet may help, this yould replace much of what you lose out on by purging but should realy only be a thing you contine while your eating is very eratic once you have manged a more balanced diet you will not need them anymore. also it may help to do somthing like suck a pepermint sweet or usr aniter alkily to reduce the levil of stomerch asid after purging, but it is better not to purge, the buting is a way of your body telling you that you are damaging it.

you can do some on your own but you will need suport this is a mental heth problem and suport form a specalist even if it is a councler can make the difernce in the recovery and prevent ing relapces by dealing with the coures of the problem rather than the syimptoms. get help even if it is hard as the only way to beat an eating disorder is with help unforcantly we cannot concer them on our own.
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