Hi. I'm a 15 year old girl with bulima. Exercise and the throwing up bulima. I live with my "prefect" and gorgeous 19 year old sister and my parents and I can't help but feel so sick when I'm around her. Everybody loves her and compares me to her and about a year ago I reached my breaking point, I started eating less and less then I would go and eat so much food i would get sick. At first i would just go and work out for 3 hours to try to work it off but now its worse. I cry for no reason because i am so disgusted with my self and after i cry, I'll make myself throw up then go work out. I eat maybe a piece of break for breakfast, and nothing for lunch (telling my friends I go to lunch after school with my dad) but when i get home i have maybe a gronola bar then I go off to my 3 hour practice. and repeat that daily.
I am an elite athelete, and i know this is so bad for me and my body but i can't help myself anymore. i have no control and i just want to be my own person and this is something that my sister doesnt have.
I want to tell somebody but i dont have the nerve, i feel like they will look down on me or think of me differnetly. What can I do?
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replied May 16th, 2011
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hi, it sounds like there may be some sutal and unintencahl emotanl abuce going on, please tell your perents how it makes you feel when they conpare you with your sister.
try speeking with your school councler to deal with the underling isues which are cursing the problems. it may help if you speek with your dr aswell as they can refer you to specilist help if you need it.
you sound like you have anorecix with a binge perge subtipe rather than belimia as belimics tend to eat relitvly normaly then perge rather than extendid periods of fasting. you may find the carity beat can give you helpfull advice as they specilise in eating disorders.

please hang on and get proffesonal help, it is posible to recover with time and suport. you have maid the first inportant step by asking for help here.

feel free to pm me
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replied October 17th, 2013
I started being bulimic before my wedding due to the stress of the planning, events involving food, dress shopping, pictures etc.
The only thing that made me feel better was to eat a lot but once I I'd eaten I felt so guilty and sad that I would throw up. I try to be strong and resist the temptation to binge but it always seems to get the better of me.
I also tried controlling my eating behaviors through many diets and exercise but binge was the only thing that makes my brain happy. It was the perfect weight control method: eat whatever you want and then get rid of it before your body begins to digest the calories.
I didn't want to tell anybody that I suffer from bulimia because I have always being the "perfect" one for my family, my husband and my friends and I was terrified that someone would know my secret. I had feelings of guilt and shame every day knowing that everyone looks up to me as a role model without knowing that I am far from being a good example to anyone.
I had a horrible quality of life. I felt like my whole life was a lie, a constant and exhausting attempt to hide my bulimia.
By the time I was introduced to Isagenix products but I rejected them as something cooked up in New Zeland but eventually through my sponsor's persistence I did finally get started.
I tried the Isagenix 9-day cleanse and I had a lot of success with it. It involved 2 days of shake replacements with 1 meal, 2 days of a pure juice-fast, 5 days of the shake/1meal days, and then 2 more liquid cleanses. In an unbelievably short period of just 9 days cleanse I had not only shave off all excessive fat from my body, but, unlike many other diets I tried, it left me feeling and looking better on many levels.
For the first time after many months I felt like I was doing something really good for my body and soul and I felt more confident and full of energy.
If you want to lose weight in a healthy way you can use Isagenix products too, with the goal of keeping you NOURISHED! I have been using Isagenix for the better part of 1 year, and I have not obsessed about food the whole time. Also, because my body finally got the proper nutrition each day, my body was able to heal itself
It is not cheap, but there is no price for my health and staying slim and trim.
I'm telling my story to help others realized the severity of an eating disorder. It starts with 1 purge, but leads to many different issues. Don't wait to get help.
Don't allow yourself to think that bulimia is a lifelong illness. It's not! You can make a complete recovery from bulimia - just as I did.
Since experiencing just how incredible life can be when bulimia is no longer in the picture, I've dedicated my life to helping people and I am actually study to become a dietian.
Whether you have questions about the recovery process in general or want to ask me about my own personal recovery experiences just write me
Heal your body. You can do it!
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