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bulimia... is there an end to it?

hi, i'm 16 years old, and i have been bulimic for over a year.And about a month ago i have started eating less and less everyday, i mostly only eat dinner but sometimes if i feel bad afterwards i will make myself sick and get rid of it. I was bullied about my weight when i was younger and also as i had grown up more. it is something that i struggled and still do struggle with almost all my life. i don't want to keep doing this anymore, but i feel like i can't stop. bulimia basically controls my life, and i so desperately want to be "normal" and not feel like i have to worry so much about what food i am putting in my body to just make myself sick again and just get rid of it. i want to be free of this, but it is so hard.
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replied December 30th, 2013
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Hi taorpancake: Sure its hard as you fight with yourself..You talk yourself into the fact that you will only do it this one more time and then stop...But, you don't....You must go cold turkey and think in your mind that if you keep doing this that you are going to die...

Take one day at a time...Be positive...Be proud of yourself and think thin...Not too thin, but healthy...Take care..

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