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Bulimia - Anorexia

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I'm a 17 year old male and i've been struggling with Bulimia for 3 years.
Is this common that people who are Bulimic struggle with Anorexia too?
I havn't ate anything in 4 days now, i've been living on water.
I've noticed my teeth are not as nice as they once were, this ridiculous cycle has to stop, i've made a promise to myself that i'll never throw up again.

Thanks for reading, i'd like to hear if you've had the same experience.
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replied February 6th, 2010
yes i think you can have both disorders.someone once told me an bulimic is a failed anorexic.thats most definatly me.i did at one time restrict my food but hunger got the better of me and i eat loads and then vomited it and thats what started the binge/purge cycle with mum was an anorexic and she said she loved being hungery she felt in control.while i hate hunger ,i love the control of not eating but hate the hunger.i think thats why i am not anorexic and more on the bulimic side.
btw i always promise myself il never throw up again and i always do.when ever i eat i feel bad like ive lost control that i cant even do that right so il vomit feel better and make promises that i will never eat that much again so i wont need to purge but i do,its like somethin takes over on earth anorexics dont ever binge is beyond me
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